Stacey Abrams, Joy Reid Lie About Georgia Voting Law Amid Record Turnout

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Joy Reid and Stacey Abrams did a segment on television Monday night. As expected, they got together to call white people racist on-air. But more specifically, the duo alleged that the state of Georgia is suppressing voters.

Reid called Georgia “ground zero” for racist voting laws, dubbing it “Jim Crow version 2.0.” Abrams just nodded in agreement.

If you wish to watch:

Reid and Abrams are lying to their followers. But, it turns out, that the new Georgia election integrity law is far from suppressive.

On Friday, Georgia officials counted 857,000 early ballots, three times as many as in the state’s primary election in 2018.

Not quite Jim Eagle, as a man once claimed.

How do Reid and Abrams explain that data? For one, Reid is calling out the New York Times for reporting the stats. Per Reid, the writers citing the early ballot count are helping Republicans push “a new big lie.”

As for Abrams, she strangely claimed the surge of voters has “no correlation” with what she deemed a law that makes it too hard for Georgians to vote.

“If more people are in the water there are fewer sharks,” Abrams analogized.

What exactly does that mean? Unfortunately, Joy Reid didn’t bother to ask. But Reid liked the comparison. Perhaps she’ll use it tonight.

So you see why Abrams chooses to sit down with Joy Reid, not a credible anchor or journalist.

Abrams can’t chat on the record with most interviewers at the risk they might ask her about spending an entire day with masked school children while she, an overweight adult, remained maskless. Nor can Abrams risk a host holding her accountable for calling Georgia the “worst state in the country” despite owning two homes there in the state.

With Reid, Abrams has no such worry. Reid only props her up and quickly transitions away from Abrams’ blunders. She is not interviewing Abrams. She’s promoting her. 

Reid is useful to politicians spreading the fabrication that voter suppression exists in Georgia. Reid is assisting in Abrams’s campaign for governor.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Just laying the groundwork to claim another election was stolen from her by those nasty “outsiders” while ignoring that she is almost wholly funded by people outside of Georgia.

    Still trying to figure out the sharks in the water analogy. There are the same amount of sharks in the water no matter how many people are in it. Is this assclown claiming Georgia’s population tripled in the last 4 years?

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