Spotify Deletes Alex Jones Episodes From Joe Rogan’s Archives

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Joe Rogan debuted Monday night on Spotify. For two reasons, the licensing deal has dominated the media discussion: 1) it is worth $100 million; and 2) his wide-ranging listeners feared the deal would change the show.

Yesterday, the second fear proved well-founded. Spotify uploaded Rogan’s archive with past episodes but noticeably left off some of the most newsworthy: the appearances from Alex Jones.

Jones is wild, dangerously unpredictable, and the poster child of tech de-platforming. Which is why he’s so important to Rogan’s legacy. Personalities like Jones are what made Rogan’s podcast distinctive.

The Joe Rogan Experience welcomed everyone. And allowed them to think and say anything. From comedians to fighters, from pundits to entrepreneurs, from independent thinkers to conspiracy theorists. If JRE has an identity, it is that all conversations are permitted. — no holds barred.

Today, Rogan’s listeners are disappointed and vindicated. Just search “Rogan, Alex Jones” on Twitter.

The Feb. 27, 2019 episode with Jones has over 22 million YouTube views.

Jones wasn’t the only guest Spotify deleted. Newsweek pointed out the list is rather large. Milo Yiannopoulos, CensoredTV’s Gavin McInnes, Chris D’Elia, Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, Louis Theroux, Owen Benjamin, and Joey Diaz were also left out.

It’s unknown if Rogan signed off on this. Rogan, more than anyone else, has fought back against cancel culture and suppression of free speech. Rogan has yet to comment on the missing episodes.

Furthermore, this revelation wasn’t launch day’s only head-scratcher. Spotify’s video feature, which is key to Rogan’s success, is a mess. It’s glitchy, doesn’t pop up on desktop apps, and often says it can’t play in “my location.” If that isn’t an error, it means Michigan can’t get Joe Rogan…

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  1. Jordan Peterson’s daughter is hot. Quit censoring hot chicks!

    Seriously, I’m never going to listen to anything on Spotify. I can live without Joe Rogan. I like him but he’s peaked. Take the 100 Mil, do a boring show, and enjoy the 100 Mil. Joe grew up dirt poor in Boston, its the American dream. And when the 100 Mil deal ends, go back to being independent and being great again. Kind of like players Patriot players getting big deals elsewhere and then later coming back to New England for peanuts.

  2. Alex Jones, for as over the top as he comes across, has been way ahead of the curve breaking so many stories. He’s getting shut down because he’s onto the globalization plans and propaganda before the powers that be (like Facebook) are ready. It’s completely stupid to ban speech in America. We should know better. Agree or disagree with him, whatever. The 1st amendment isn’t there for the speech we like, it’s there for the speech we don’t like.

  3. Joe REALLY needs to fix this.

    He has the leverage, unless it was agreed upon prior?! I sure hope not, ‘cuz Rogan is one of the last few worth listening to.

    He could make a HUGE impact – a BIG statement to Big Tech – IF he fixes this.

    America needs it now, or there will be no later…

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