Wrestler's Judo Mother Smashes Glasses In Violent Outburst After Son Loses

Iowa wrestler Spencer Lee better get back to the drawing board STAT, because his Olympian mother ain't happy with his latest loss.

And you wouldn't like Cathy Lee when she's angry.

Spencer Lee's mother is not happy with his loss

Holy hell. What anger. What fury. What utter disappointment in poor Spencer's choke job on a national stage.

“Spencer Lee’s mom Cathy, an alternate for the U.S. Olympic judo team, and her glasses did not survive that match,” the ESPN broadcast said. 

Gee, ya think? Poor glasses, too. And I got news for you, that ain't gonna be a cheap fix. You're probably gonna be in the market for a brand new pair of spectacles after that outburst.

Spencer, by the way, had a hell of a career. He won three national titles and was the top-ranked wrestler in the country before losing to Purdue's Matt Ramos Friday night.

Side note: after seeing Judo-Cathy's outburst, I'd have my head on a swivel if I'm Matt.

Anyway, turns out Cathy isn't the only Judo star in the family. BOTH of Spencer's parents can whip some ass in the judo world, and they actually met while working out in France.

I feel sorry for the wall's in the Lee house. Bet those bay boys have taken some shots over the years if this outburst is any indication.

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