Wisconsin Volleyball Continues To Roll After Nude Photos And Videos Leak

The Wisconsin volleyball team keeps rolling after nude photos and videos of the team leaked online.

Wednesday night in Madison in front of a packed house, the Badgers absolutely smoked Nebraska 3-0 in a rematch of the 2021 national title game.

The Wisconsin volleyball team hasn't lost a game since the massive leak of sexually graphic photos and videos hit the web.

The Wisconsin volleyball team leak has been massive news.

The Badgers made national headlines when the school announced police were investigating tons of images and videos circulating social media and the internet.

In the photos and videos, which OutKick won't share or link to, several members of the team purposely expose themselves to cameras. A large chunk of the leak involves members of the team dancing around while not covered up in a locker room.

It's also important to note the images and videos that circulated were not taken secretly. The women were very aware they were being filmed and photographed.

Despite the team being under a spotlight for the sexually graphic content, the Badgers don't appear distracted at all.

Wisconsin has now rattled off wins against Michigan State, Michigan and Nebraska since the school announced an investigation was underway.

It would have been easy to get distracted, but Wisconsin continues to stay focused. Where will the team go from here? Only time will tell, but clearly, the Badgers are still kicking butt. As a fan of the program, it's great to see so much grit and resilience.

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