Wisconsin QB Suffers Devastating Season-Ending Injury: REPORT

Wisconsin quarterback Chase Wolf is reportedly done for the season.

Wolf, who was the concrete QB2 for the Badgers, suffered a torn meniscus and is done for the season, according to Dario Melendez.

Generally speaking, a QB2 getting hurt isn't a huge deal for a college football team. That's not the case with the Wisconsin Badgers.

Starting quarterback Graham Mertz is without a doubt QB1 for the Badgers, but he's struggled mightily over the years under center in Madison.

Last year, Mertz threw more interceptions than touchdowns, and his inconsistency is enough to enrage even the biggest pacifist in the world.

That's why Chase Wolf was going to be so important for the Badgers. If Mertz struggled or got hurt, he was an immediate backup option with plenty of experience.

Not only is Wolf a veteran backup, but he's also way more athletic than Mertz. The Badgers could have put specific run packages together for him.

Now, that's not an option anymore. With him out for the year, the boats have been burned in the harbor and there's no retreating from Graham Mertz.

He's the guy, and there's no longer any discussion about it. Hopefully, Chase Wolf heals quickly but for the time being, it's just more chaos in Madison.

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