Wimbledon Underwear Rules On Their Way Out

It's possible we'll see a rainbow of skivvies at next year's edition of Wimbledon as the tournament's notorious underwear rules could become a thing of the past.

The tournament has had a fairly strict dress code that requires players to wear white clothing. It's a rule that is steeped in tradition but it has been a source of concern for some female players.

That's because biology doesn't care if it's Wimbledon.

Australia's Daria Gavrilova talked to The Daily Aus about the all-white rule.

“Recently just being at Wimbledon, I was talking with my friends saying that I love the all-white look. But then a few girls said they hate it because it sucks to wear all white while being on your period,” Gavrilova said.

“It’s true, I myself had to skip my period around Wimbledon, for the reason that I didn’t want to worry about bleeding through, as we already have enough other stress.”

Others have echoed that sentiment including recently retired player Monica Puig who took to Twitter earlier this year.

The Underwear Rules Are Expected To Change In 2023, But Discussions Are Ongoing

As it stands Wimbledon's rules regarding undergarments are as follows:

“Undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white except for a single trim of color no wider than one centimeter.”

Those are likely the most stringent underwear guidelines you've ever read in your life. I'd put it in my top 5 for sure; maybe top 3.

The expectation is that the old rules will go the way of the dodo ahead of the 2023's edition of Wimbledon.

However, the All-England Tennis Club is looking into the matter:

“Prioritizing women’s health and supporting players based on their individual needs is very important to us, and we are in discussions with the WTA, with manufacturers and with the medical teams about the ways in which we can do that,” they said in a statement.

How many discussions need to be had before they say, "Sure, you can wear a pair of red Hanes. Go crazy; wear neon green ones for all we care?"

Apparently quite a few, and they're still happening.

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