Will This ACC Team Hire Deion Sanders?

Is Deion Sanders going to be the next football coach at Georgia Tech?

The Yellow Jackets pulled the trigger on firing Geoff Collins after multiple terrible seasons, and the hunt is on for a new coach at Ga. Tech.

The very first call should be to the Jackson State coach, and the call should have happened as soon as the decision was made to fire Collins.

Deion Sanders can 100% elevate Georgia Tech.

Since 2020, Deion Sanders is 19-5 with the Tigers, and since 2021, he's 15-2. The former NFL and MLB star managed to turn Jackson State into an FCS power by year two.

In year three, he has the Tigers off to an incredibly hot 4-0 start and the team is averaging a sizzling 47.5 points per game.

Not only is the offense rolling, but the defense is holding teams to an average of 9.25 points per game. JSU is pushing an average margin of victory of nearly 40 points per contest. That's an outrageous number, and again, it's just year three for Deion Sanders in Jackson.

Sanders could recruit at a very high level for the Yellow Jackets.

As I said when talking about Deion possibly going to Arizona State, he would absolutely kill at recruiting for a P5 team.

JSU is an FCS program, and Sanders has already punched way above his recruiting weight, including signing number one overall recruit Travis Hunter.

His 2021 class was ranked 55th in the country, which put it in the top half of FBS teams. Imagine what he could do with P5 resources if he's already beating half the FBS with FCS resources.

Finally, Georgia Tech isn't really a relevant program. Nobody wastes much time wondering what the Yellow Jackets are up to. That would all change the moment Sanders was hired.

The program would immediately become relevant, and that needs to be factored in.

If Georgia Tech has any boldness and guts, the program will make Deion Sanders an offer he has to consider.