'We Want Urban' Chants Erupt After Michigan Humiliates Ohio State

Some Ohio State fans want to see Urban Meyer back in Columbus.

The Buckeyes got absolutely rocked by Michigan 45-23 Saturday afternoon, and following the humiliating loss, OSU fans loudly chanted "We want Urban" as the coach broke down the loss on the set of "Big Noon Kickoff."

This also wasn't just one guy loudly yelling. There were several people in the crowd supporting the movement.

Stuff like this is a great reminder that college football is truly the greatest sport on Earth. OSU goes 11-1 to finish the regular season and Ohio State fans are chanting to bring back Urban Meyer.

Ryan Day is 45-5 as the head coach of Ohio State. He's won 90% of his games. Uban Meyer went 83-9 with the Buckeyes and won 90.2% of his games.

The numbers are pretty much identical. Yet, because Ohio State has now lost back-to-back years to Michigan and Urban Meyer never did, the fanbase appears ready to revolt against Ryan Day.

Yes, the fanbase is ready to revolt against a coach who has never lost more than two games in a season. Is college football awesome or is college football awesome?

The sport has some of the most irrational fans on the planet, and that's what makes it so much fun.

I also hate to state the obvious, but Urban Meyer isn't walking through that door, folks. Anyone who thinks the three-time national champion is returning and the team is going to fire Ryan Day is delusional. Yet, that's what makes this situation so funny. Never change, Ohio State fans. Never change.