WATCH: Deion Sanders Can't Contain Emotion Before Leading Jackson State For Final Time

You didn’t think Deion Sanders was going to end the season without a show, did you?

Just before Coach Prime’s Jackson State Tigers took the field in Saturday’s Celebration Bowl, he got emotional while addressing the team.

You can say what you want about Deion, but the man always knows where the cameras are. I’d be more inclined to believe his crocodile tears, though, if the shades and music weren't already queued up at the conclusion of his speech. But did we really expect anything different from Prime Time?

Deion Sanders Leaving JSU After Three Seasons

The former NFL superstar is leaving his head coaching role at the historically black college to become the head coach at the University of Colorado. After signing a five-year, $29.5-million contract, Sanders has taken some heat for abandoning his HBCU in favor of a shiny new Power 5 gig.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones is one of his most outspoken critics.

"He sold a dream and then walked out on the dream,” Jones said.

In his own defense, Sanders said he never claimed he would stay at Jackson State forever.

"Never once did I say they’re gonna put a tombstone with my name on it at Jackson State,” Sanders said. "So I wasn't gonna die here. Y'all know that.”

Still, his impact has been undeniable. In three season at JSU, Sanders revitalized the Tigers’ athletic program and put HBCUs back into the national conversation. In his first season alone, the school said he helped generate $185 million in advertising and revenue for the program.

Colorado Has Fallen On Tough Times

With Jackson State, Sanders has gone 27-5, and his team is 12-0 for a second consecutive season. I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s not going to put up those same numbers in the Pac-12.

The Buffs ended their 2022 season 1-8 in the conference, and a 63-21 blowout courtesy of Utah put a painful little cherry on top. 

So he has his work cut out for him. And if Colorado’s woes continue, we just might see some real tears from Coach Prime in 2023.