Deion Sanders Sets Record Straight About Controversy Surrounding His Decision To Leave Jackson State For Colorado

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When Deion Sanders left Jackson State for Colorado, it made quite the splash. Not only was it a big move for college football, it sparked a larger conversation about Coach Prime and what he has built in Mississippi.

Over the course of the last three seasons, Sanders has been very vocal about HBCU culture. He has talked a lot about how he wanted to lift up the program and bring attention to a school that does not get the shine it deserves.

To say that he didn’t do that would be incorrect, but it is also valid to question his departure. Sanders left Jackson State for Colorado and plans to bring a lot of talent with him.

If his plan was to build HBCU culture, then why did he leave so suddenly and loudly?

Sanders spoke to that notion on Friday afternoon. He was extremely candid with the media prior to the Celebration Bowl, which will be his final game as head coach of the Tigers.

Not only did Sanders make it very clear how important it was for him and his guys to finish what they started, he set the record straight about his decision to leave.

“Everything I said I would do, I did,” he said. “Everything I said I wanted to happen, I tried my darnedest to make it happen.”

From there, Sanders addressed the negativity that surrounds his exit. The 50-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer reminded the media that he has his own plan and God has a purpose, even if it doesn’t fit what others expect of him.

During his open and honest discussion, Coach Prime also spoke about the bigger picture. He doesn’t want his decision to overshadow all of the good that he did in Jackson. He wants people to get perspective on change and where change really starts.

Whether you hate him or love him, agree with him or disagree, that’s okay. Coach Prime is a football coach and can only control what he can control.

Sanders knows what his time in Jackson did for the community and the university. His conversation with God did not include the people who doubt him or question him. That’s okay.

“That was a moment, wasn’t it?”

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  1. He`s just like any coach. He left for the $$$ and opportunity. He`s climbing the ladder. After he gets Colorado to a low level bowl game, he`ll be out of there. Probably to the Big Ten or SEC. Nothing wrong with any of this.

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