Washington Post Continues Attack On Sensibility With Ludicrous Demand For Major League Baseball

The Washington Post has ordered Major League Baseball to boycott spring training in Florida because of Gov. Ron DeSantis' "hostile approach" to woke politics.

The column headlined, "Baseball can no longer ignore Ron DeSantis’s culture wars," warns that baseball cannot continue to act as if the governor is not reinforcing "Jim Crow laws."

There was a time when America’s pastime showed a weariness of Florida’s hostile approach to inclusiveness, which in some ways is being reconstituted by its current governor, Ron DeSantis.
It was not necessarily coincidental that the year was 1947, the same season the game allowed Jackie Robinson to be the first Black man to play in its major leagues in 60 years. The Brooklyn Dodgers, who famously signed Robinson, strategically opened spring training in Havana that year. Dodgers co-owner and general manager Branch Rickey, who directed the recruitment and signing of Robinson, wanted him to break in where Black baseball players had a more comfortable history.

The piece ventures to repeat much of the talking points that DeSantis' detractors tirelessly spew.

They say the governor's quest to de-empathize the focus on skin color is racist. They say his bills to prohibit teachers from discussing genitalia with young kids is a form of homophobia.

And that his opposition to critical race theory is a means to bury the past of America, a lie NBC continues to promulgate.

The Washington Post fit each of these devices of hysteria into one article.

Finally, the author asks the league to "consider making the annual exercise an all-Cactus League affair as long as DeSantis commands an attack on diversity." 

Bizarre it is to see outlets again pressure MLB to relocate on account of the politics in a state. The practice backfired greatly the last time.

In 2021, MLB relocated the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in response to Joe Biden calling a Georgia voting law "Jim Crow 2.0."

They always go to Jim Crow, don't they?

MLB acquiesced to the outrage in the name of anti-racism. Yet the move hurt the black community far more than white Republicans, the target of the move.

The relocation shifted business from the 51 percent black Atlanta to the 76 percent white Denver, derailing the spike black-owned business expected upon the city hosting the event.

As Fox News wrote, "The All-Star Game has historically had a notable, positive economic impact on the host cities, according to data from the Baseball Almanac, as fans, players, sponsors, and other individuals flock to the event. That typically provides business for local restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.

Moreover, black voters responded to the Georgia voting laws in overwhelming delight:

Ron DeSantis' opposition to racist practices in the name of equity and sexual indoctrination in the name of equality has the corporate press on tilt.

So much so, they can't think straight. Thereby they are calling for MLB to abandon Florida which would again detail businesses in majority black cities.

We await the Washington Post to cease printing copies in Florida because of Gov. Ron DeSantis' "hostile approach" to woke politics.

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