Washington OC Is Reportedly Making A Stunning Amount Of Money

Washington offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb is reportedly making a bag of cash.

Grubb's first season as the OC of the Huskies was this year, and he apparently left more than a big enough impression to cash in.

His salary is now $2 million through the 2025 season, according to The Athletic. His offense averaged 40.8 points a game this season.

Ohio State DC Jim Knowles and Georgia OC Ryan Monken were the only assistants in America earning at least $2 million in 2022, according to the same report.

Now, the Washington OC joins the list. His massive contract could have been motivated in part to the belief Texas A&M might have been targeting him for the team's OC role.

Washington isn't the kind of program you expect to cut huge checks.

When it comes to coaches landing huge contracts, you usually think of the Big Ten and SEC. Yes, programs like Clemson, Texas and USC can definitely afford to hand out huge amounts of money, but generally speaking, the Big Ten and SEC is where the money is at.

The conferences are by far the two biggest in America, and thus, have the most money to spend.

You definitely don't think of a program like Washington when it comes to an assistant making $2 million a year.

That is a ton of money for a coordinator in college football, and even by B1G or SEC standards, it beats everyone in America other than a couple guys.

The Huskies must absolutely love Ryan Grubb in order to justify the contract he's reportedly been handed.

Props to Grubb for getting his money. College football fans definitely didn't expect Washington to hand its OC that kind of cash.

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