Vikings Fan Flipped Off Giants WR, Gets Gifted A Game Ball

The football gods smiled upon a Vikings fan with a pair of itchy middle fingers on Sunday afternoon. Yeah, his team lost and they probably have tee times lined up for this week already, but he got a sweet souvenir out of it.

The Vikings fell to the New York Giants, 31-24, in the Wild Card round matchup in a back-and-forth affair.

The fan in question had some primo seats directly behind the endzone. Of course, that meant that earlier in the game had a great view of Daniel Jones hitting Isaiah Hodgins for a 14-yard touchdown.

Blink and you'll miss it, but the Vikings fan with the yellow sleeves threw up a quick two-finger salute right in Hodgins' face.

In the second quarter, once the teams had swapped endzones, that same fan was staring down the barrel of his Vikings' offense.

With under a minute to go in the half, Kirk Cousins hit K.J. Osborne for a 9-yard touchdown. Osborne trotted over to the stands and gave our pal the bird-flipper a take-home gift.

This is an interesting case study in karma. If you're a Giants fan, the proper karmic outcome would've been for a ball to ricochet into the stands and Marsha Brady that dude.

Instead, he wound up with a souvenir that many fans would do unspeakable things for.

Although it will remind him of the time his favorite team blew a playoff game at home.

Wait... maybe that was karma.

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