Video Shows Alvin Kamara Violently Attacking Man In Las Vegas

Running back Alvin Kamara has something other than the Baltimore Ravens to worry about.

As Kamara and his Saints teammates prepare to face the Ravens on Monday night, video has emerged in relation to an already-filed lawsuit against Kamara. And it doesn't look good. Within the video, Kamara can be seen violently attacking a man outside of an elevator in Las Vegas.

TMZ Sports obtained the video showing Kamara punching his accuser, Darnell Greene. The incident involving Greene and Kamara occurred on February 5th outside of a club located in The Cromwell Hotel and Casino.

Kamara was in town for the NFL's Pro Bowl, which was played the following day.

Alvin Kamara Has Not Been Suspended By The NFL

Within the video, Kamara can be identified by his dreadlocks. He's shown throwing multiple punches at Greene who has previously stated that he was simply trying to enter the elevator. Greene was beaten by not just Kamara, but also those who were with the running back.

As a result, Kamara was arrested at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium following the Pro Bowl less than 24 hours later. The 27-year-old was booked for “battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.” He has thus far not been suspended by the NFL and has played in six of New Orleans' eight games this fall.

Following the attack, Greene filed a lawsuit against Kamara. He's seeking $10 million in damages. Per the suit, Greene suffered injuries to his head, neck, back, shoulders, face and knees. The suit went on to state that Greene also suffered an orbital fracture in the attack.

Per TMZ Sports, following his arrest, Kamara admitted to punching Greene. Kamara has maintained that he did not start the altercation, nor was he the first person to get physical outside of the casino lobby.

A court hearing relating to the assault is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 9.

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