VIDEO: Nick Saban Shows Off Dancing Skills Once Again

How does Nick Saban keep bringing so many high-level recruits to Alabama? Could it be his dancing ability?


Saban's rug-cutting ability was on display once again this weekend. All other college football coaches take note: if you want to bring talent to your program, you've got to know how to do the "Cupid Shuffle."

You can see Saban — crimson blazer and all — right in the thick of it. He's just groovin' too, not doing that move where you pretend to look around the room, but in reality, you're just trying to figure out how to do the dance.

No. Saban knows the choreography by heart.

At one point, Saban was asked about his dancing at recruiting parties once his moves hit YouTube, and he said he had been doing as long as he had been a head coach.

He also indicated that his love of line dances goes way back. The 6-time national champion claimed to have been doing the "Electric Slide" since he was 15 (however I looked into this, and was actually in his mid-twenties when that dance made its debut.)

Have no fear, someone did eventually capture Saban's "Wobble" skills on video for posterity's sake.

What can you say? The man loves a line dance.

He must be in his element at weddings. As everyone well knows, weddings are the Super Bowl of line dances (cruise ships are a close second).

Don't expect to see Saban hang up his dancing shoes. Especially now that he has a chip on his shoulder after missing out on the College Football Playoff for only the second time since its inception.

If anything, that'll only make him "Wobble" harder than ever before.

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