UVA Shooting Victim Heroically Tried To Save Teammates

UVA running back Mike Hollins was shot while attempting to help his teammates.

Hollins was one of the several people shot last Sunday night on UVA's campus after Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. allegedly opened fire on a bus returning from a play.

UVA players D’Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr., and Devin Chandler were all killed in the shooting.

UVA running back Mike Hollins deserves to be applauded for his heroic actions.

More details have emerged on the tragic situation, and Hollins was shot after he attempted to provide aid to his slain teammates, according to his mother.

"His classmates are grateful for him because they said he saved their lives. He was the first off the bus and told two of his classmates to run, and he went back. He said, 'Mom, I went back. I needed to do something. I was going to beat on the windows because no one else was coming off the bus.' He said, 'I was going to beat on the windows. I was going to go on the bus and tell them to come on, get off,'" his mother Brenda told ESPN about her son's actions.

Hollins, who seems to be in stable condition, was shot when he met Jones in the doorway of the bus.

"The only thing he remembers is he tried to turn, but he saw him lift the gun. He felt his back get hot and he ran," his mother further explained.

Hollins mother also claimed Chandler was shot and killed while he was sleeping.

Christopher Darnell Jones was taken into police custody, and faces multiple murder charges. The UVA community is currently attempting to heal, and the program's weekend game against Coastal Carolina has been canceled.

The UVA campus also held an incredibly powerful vigil for the three murdered young men.

Hopefully, police can get to the bottom of what happened and justice can be swift. It's a tragic and horrific situation, and the UVA community deserves answers. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the UVA campus and all those impacted by this incredibly evil act.

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