Utah Star QB Cam Rising Announces Decision On Future Plans

Utah QB Cam Rising still has a little bit of college football left in his soul.

The talented QB had to decide between eating up more of his remaining two years of eligibility or taking a shot at the NFL after a great career with the Utes.

Well, the decision is in, and he's sticking around. The star passer revealed in an incredible Instagram video that he's not leaving Salt Lake City.

Cam Rising is one of the best QBs in college football.

Utah just capped off a solid 10-4 season, and Rising returning for another season of action means Kyle Whittingham's team is bound to be set up for success, once again.

Rising's numbers are unbelievably impressive. He's the backbone of the Utah Utes and has the numbers to prove it.

In his career so far at Utah, he's thrown for 5,572 yards and 46 touchdowns to just 14 interceptions. He's also completed 64.1% of his passes.

In case you didn't know, Rising is also a monster on the ground. He has 953 rushing yards and another 12 touchdowns on the ground. The man is a freak when he cuts it loose on the field.

Now, he'll suit up in 2023 for the Utah Utes, and you can guarantee his numbers will continue to be huge. The NFL will eventually come calling, but for now, Cam Rising is all in on playing more football for the Utes. That's great news for fans of the program.

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