Urban Meyer Roasted In Brutal Fashion After The Jaguars Make The Playoffs

Urban Meyer might not want to hop on Twitter for a little bit.

The Jacksonville Jaguars secured a spot in the playoffs after beating the Tennessee Titans over the weekend, and people used it as an opportunity to roast the hell out of the team's former coach.

In just one year, the Jaguars went from the worst team in the league to making the playoffs after making a coaching change. That wasn't lost on fans.

The Jaguars turned everything around without Urban Meyer.

The Jaguars won a grand total of three games last season. Not only did the team only win three games, but Trevor Lawrence looked incredibly lost at times.

Urban Meyer was fired before the 2021 season ended and ultimately replaced by Doug Pederson.

Now, the team is the AFC South champs the very next season. It's one of the best turnarounds in recent NFL memory.

They literally went from a cellar dweller to being in the playoffs in the span of just one year. Doug Pederson has done an incredibly impressive job and Trevor Lawrence is playing at a high level.

Naturally, fans are fired up and that means Urban Meyer is going to take some shots.

The Jaguars now face the Chargers this Saturday. If the Jags rattle off a win, the internet might truly lose its mind.

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