Upcoming LeBron James Movie Might Be The Worst Film Of The Year

The upcoming LeBron James film "Shooting Stars" looks unbelievably bad.

The Peacock movie will chronicle James' rise to superstardom in high school at St. Vincent–St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.

James was the top prep player in the country and faced unbelievable expectations before playing a single second of NBA action. His prep career is genuinely interesting whether you like him or not, but "Shooting Stars" looks like a parody of a bad "SNL" sketch, judging from the trailer.

"Shooting Stars" about LeBron James looks like hot garbage.

Caleb McLaughlin is a solid actor and he's one of the best parts about "Stranger Things." He's crushed it on the Netflix hit since the first season premiered back in 2016.

However, this movie looks far below his talents. "Shooting Stars" looks like a horribly produced movie about a story that is actually interesting.

Young people might not realize it, but the hype around LeBron James in high school was unlike anything the basketball world had ever seen. ESPN broadcast his high school games. He was deemed the greatest ever as a teenager.

There's definitely a fascinating story to tell, but this movie just isn't it. It looks overacted, corny, childish and hard to take seriously.

How could such an interesting story become such a terrible looking movie? "Shooting Stars" definitely looks like it's going to be some coming of age story where a group of teenagers have to fight through adversity to overcome on the court.

Yet, that wasn't really the case. The Lakers star and four-time NBA champion was the greatest player in the nation by a large margin, and let's just be honest, the problems you face in high school are rarely real problems.

Oh, the team isn't meshing well, despite having LeBron James and multiple other star players? What a struggle!

Seriously, watch LeBron's high school highlights. Imagine taking a history test in 10th grade and two hours later having to guard him on the court.

There might be a great movie eventually released about LeBron James' time in high school. I just know "Shooting Stars" isn't it. That much is obvious to anyone with eyes and ears.

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