University Of Washington Baseball Player Ejected For 'Excessive Celebration' After Going Deep

Will Simpson, a first baseman for the University of Washington Huskies went yard and had himself a proper trot around the bases.

However, when he was done, he earned himself a heave-ho for an excessive celebration, one that those that have seen the video are still trying to identify.

Simpson (Simpsons, eh?) had just belted a 2-run shot against the Santa Clara Broncos and he took off to bask in his homer's warm, glowing warming-glow. That home run tied the game, but it also sent Simpson to the showers early.

After watching that clip several times there are only a couple of things that seem even on the border of "excessive." Perhaps the most obvious is that Simpson carried his bat for about 70 of the 90 feet to first base before flipping it.

Is that excessive? I don't think so, but if the home plate umpire was some crusty old traditionalist, maybe.

Another possibility came when Simpson was on his way to third. He took his hand and underlined the word "Washington" on his jersey. Again, maybe that's a bit much for a homer that only tied the game, but that still wouldn't meet most people's definition of excessive.

The NCAA has tried to crack down on excessive celebrations in recent years, which has given us gems like this in which umpires attempt to make sure no one has fun and that the next generation of kids steers clear of baseball.

Simpson had company back in the visitors' clubhouse because Huskies head coach Jason Kelly was also ejected after trying to defend his player.

Washington went on to win that game 10-7 and split the weekend series with the Broncos 2 apiece.

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