Undefeated Kansas Releases Fire Hype Video For The Duke Game

Kansas gave fans a shot of adrenaline to the chest Friday night.

The Jayhawks are 3-0 and will face an undefeated Duke team Saturday in Lawrence. For the first time in more than a decade, Kansas has a real football team and fans are buzzing.

People are so excited that the game is the first home sellout in a few years.

As we all know, you can't have a big football game without a solid hype video, and the Jayhawks didn't disappoint.

The program dropped an absolutely electric hype video featuring the classic Journey song "Separate Ways." Buckle up and hit play below. It might be the best hype video you see all day.

Kansas has Lawrence ready to rock.

Generally speaking, Ohio State has the consistently best hype videos in college football, but occasionally, a team will drop a better one on any given week.

That's what happened here with Kansas. Ever since "Stranger Things" made "Separate Ways" popular again, the song has been banging everywhere.

Now, the Jayhawks tapped into that energy ahead of a showdown between two undefeated teams.

It's impossible to know just from a hype video whether or not a team is going to roll, but does anyone want to bet against Kansas right now?

I think the answer to that is no. The Jayhawks have quickly become one of the best stories in all of college football.

If Lance Leipold's team is able to get to 4-0 by the time the sun comes up tomorrow, Lawrence will be on fire.

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