Ultimate Bro Icon Gardner Minshew Signs With The Indianapolis Colts

Gardner Minshew is headed to the Indianapolis Colts after signing his latest NFL deal.

The ultimate bro icon - who also occasionally plays football - has agreed to a $3.5 million deal with the Colts. Every penny is guaranteed for the former Washington State gunslinger.

That means the mullet-loving QB will now have plenty of money to buy more buses to live out and he can probably afford a couple beers as well.

Gardner Minshew is the definition of a bro, and that makes him easy to support.

Gardner Minshew is THAT dude. He's the kind of guy you could spend eight hours drinking beer with and never even know he plays football because it's not even in the top 10 most interesting things about him.

He's just like what his former coach Mike Leach was before his death. Yes, he's involved with football, but he's also just a dude.

This is the man who traveled across the country in a bus during the offseason and flew a fighter jet.

The greatest quote I ever heard about Gardner Minshew is that he's who Baker Mayfield tries so hard to be. Mayfield wants everyone to think his attitude is authentic and real. Nobody buys it.

It takes zero convincing to know what you see is what you get with Mayfield. So many pro athletes want you to think they're cool or fake tough guys (looking at you Ja Morant), but Gardner Minshew isn't like that at all.

He's just a bro who somehow stumbled into playing football on Sundays. He's equally happy just messing around with a samurai sword.

In a world craving authenticity, you never need to worry about whether what you're getting with Gardner Minshew is real or not. It 100% is, and that's why fans love him. The fact he plays football - and can do it at a winning level - is just a bonus. The Colts made a great decision.

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