UFC President Dana White To His Critics: 'Shut The F**k Up'

UFC president Dana White doesn't have time for the haters and losers.

White isn't a stranger to facing criticism. In fact, he deals with it all the time, and he's sick and tired of people who think they can do his job better than him.

"Shut the fuck up. What do anyone of you know about fighting? Shut up. Just sit on the couch, shut the fuck up and watch," the sports mogul told the press Tuesday night after Dana White's Contender Series 50.

I'm not going to listen to these f**king idiots on social media," he further added.

It doesn't get much more blunt than that. If there's one thing Dana White isn't afraid to do, it's call out people who want to criticize him.

Look at the many sparring sessions he's had with the press, fighters or even the likes of Jake Paul for proof that he will respond to anyone and everyone.

The man doesn't hold back!

His spirit and attitude are a major reason why White is so popular. People with backbones are pretty rare these days.

Well, White definitely has one, and if you're going to come at him, you better be prepared for battle.

As he said, just shut up and enjoy the product. If you think you can build a better fighting league, then do it!

Until then, nobody can touch White. He's an incredible hype man, business owner and fight promoter. Just enjoy the show!

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