Twins Byron Buxton Nearly Run Over By Sausage Race

Tragedy was narrowly avoided at American Family Field on Tuesday where the Milwaukee Brewers were hosting the Minnesota Twins and it involved the dangerous combination of an oblivious player and a sausage race.

As you're no doubt aware, the sausage race is a tradition in Milwaukee, and as far as between-innings races, it's toward the top. Yeah, the racing presidents in Washington are also hilarious, but there's just something about the racing sausages that is funny before you even see it.

The Brewers opened their season in New York with a series against the Mets (which was somewhat eventful), but their home opener took place on Tuesday when they hosted the Minnesota Twins.

This means that sausage race numero uno in 2024 was held the same day, and it almost ended with a flattened Byron Buxton.

The Twins centerfielder was nonchalantly making his way onto the field, seemingly unaware that a nine-foot-tall lederhosen-wearing bratwurst was barreling toward him.

See?! Randall Simon was defending himself!

Luckily for Byron, he showed some quick reflexes because none of the sausages had any idea he was there. What an embarrassing way that would have been to wind up on the IL.

Unfortunately, for the bratwurst that near run-in completely tanked its first race of the season. That's okay, by my count, there are 80 races left this season, plenty of time for the bratwurst to get its 2024 back on track.

Phew, I'm just glad everyone — both man and sausage — came out of that one unscathed. No one wants to see anyone get hurt or to see sausage filling spilling out all over the warning track. What a grotesque scene that would be. 

Unfortunately, sausage racing is a dangerous sport, and all participants accept that reality and put on a show for the crowd every Brewers' home game.

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