Troy Football Player Appears To Shove App State Student To The Ground As Fans Storm Field After Wild Hail Mary Win

Saturday was a day that will never be forgotten in North Carolina. It started with scenes at sunrise and ended in mountain magic.

App State, which knocked off Texas A&M last weekend, stole multiple things from the Aggies:

ESPN was slated to go to College Station this weekend for A&M's game against Miami. Instead, it changed courses and rewarded the team that pulled the upset.

As a result, Saturday was an absolute madhouse in Boone. From start to finish.

After the day began with GameDay, it ended with a Hail Mary win that sent the sold-out crowd rushing onto the field. It was complete and utter mayhem that resulted in multiple injuries, though none were life-threatening. And at the end of the day, a few hospital bills were likely worth the price of the memories.

Interesting Dichotomy Plays Out During App State Field Storm

On one side of things, Mountaineers quarterback Chase Brice was extremely kind to his fellow students. The man who was responsible for one of the craziest wins in school history went over to the fans and helped them get over the fence safely.

On the flip side of things, one of the Troy players was not nearly as nice. Video of the field storm appeared to show one of the Trojans shove an excitable student to the ground. The other fans around the student who was pushed down looked at the Troy player and seemingly chastised his behavior.

It is unclear as to what caused the Trojans athlete to lash out. The App State student could have said something— we do not know.

However, it does not look like the student who was shoved shared any physical or verbal interaction with the player. It it seemingly came out of frustration over the loss.