Tony Romo Completely Ruined The Final 30 Seconds Of The Super Bowl

I wasn't going to do this today, I swear. Honestly, I was watching the Super Bowl last night and at one point thought to myself, ‘You know what? Tony Romo isn’t terrible tonight.'

And then the final 30 seconds happened in overtime – the biggest 30 seconds of the entire NFL season – and Tony Romo found a way to undo everything he'd just done. 

You were so close, Tony. All you had to do was put your head down, let Jim Nantz take us all home, and you were gonna be in the clear. 

After weeks of beatings, you finally came up clutch and got the job done in crunch time. 

Instead, we got this:

Tony Romo fumbled once again in the biggest moment 

Jesus. What are we doing here, Tony? Why?

WHYYYYYY? You were so close. This was gonna be your redemption game. Instead, you not only gave the people maybe the worst description of the new OT rules known to man, but then immediately jumped in and ruined a walk-off touchdown. 

It was all just so unnecessary. Let's start with the first part …

What the hell was that overtime rules description, Tony? I was so baffled watching it live. 

For those who missed it (which can't be that many), the new postseason OT rules finally played out last night. 

Each team gets the ball in overtime. If one team scores more points than the other after each possession (3-0, 6-3, 7-6, 8-7), the game is over. 

If both teams tie after each possession, the next score wins. The clock, essentially, doesn't matter in overtime. Frankly, I don't know why they even used it. 

But they did, and it was confusing to some because the Chiefs – needing a field goal to tie and touchdown to win – were driving for said score at the end of the first overtime. 

Time was ticking down, which could've been confusing if you didn't know the above rule. 

Twitter was basically begging Romo and Nantz – or "Gene!" – to clarify the rules, but they didn't … until Tony freaking Romo decided to put the fellas on his back right before the final play. 

"You have to think of this as the first quarter. This is only the first quarter, then you move to the second quarter."

What? Huh? That's just not true. That's wrong. By that logic, they'd still be playing right now, Tony!

Just awful. Again, it was all so avoidable, but then Tony did Tony Romo things and confused the entire internet. 

As if that wasn't enough, he then took poor Jim Nantz and stuffed him into a locker during the final play. 

Hey, Jim, I know the Chiefs just won the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion and they're gonna play this clip for years and you're trying to give them a good call, but let me provide some analysis instead even though it was a pretty basic play and the guy was wide open.

I mean, that's pretty much what happened, right? Jim Nantz barely gets the words out before Tony just jumps in. 

Read a room for me one time, dude. Please. Again, I didn't want to do this today – and I actually thought you were pretty good last night! – but you left me no choice. 

Oh well. There's always next year. 

Can't wait for the encore!

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