Tony Dungy Ignores Woke Mob At March For Life, Speaks About Power Of Prayer

Tony Dungy is a pro-life Christian man and does not care how many times various members of the media try to cancel him over his beliefs. He showed just how much he doesn't care about the outside noise - and how strong his faith is - by delivering a powerful speech during Friday's March For Life rally.

Dungy, a father of three biological children and eight adopted children, took the stage in Washington D.C., and shared how he believes God has used football to shine some light on "the subject of life for all of us."

The Hall of Famer proceeded to deliver a moving speech about Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin suffering cardiac arrest on the field against the Cincinnati Bengals and how his continued recovery comes from answered prayers.

"A young man by the name of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills made a routine tackle and his heart stopped beating right on the field. It could have been tragic, but something miraculous happened," Dungy told the large audience.

"The team medical staff rushed out and got Damar's heart started again. But you know what? That wasn't the miracle. The real miracle was the reaction of everyone to that."

"The announcers on the broadcast, what did they say? 'All we can do is pray.'"

"All across the country, people started praying."


Dungy then reflected on his earlier days coaching in the 1990s when the NFL threatened him and Christian players with fines if they were seen praying on the field after games.

At the time of Hamlin's injury, and for weeks after, teams across the league knelt and prayed in stadiums all around the country.

"Those prayers were answered, Damar is recovering now and has been released from the hospital," Dungy said.

The latest update regarding Hamlin's health status is that he continues to be positive and upbeat, but still faces a lengthy journey to full recovery.

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