Tommy Fury's Dad Issues Blunt Demand To Jake Paul: Pay Up

Tommy Fury's dad has a very simple request for Jake Paul:

Pay off your bet.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated boxing match this past weekend, Jake and Paul shook hands during a press conference on agreement that the winner would take home everything.

After Tommy beat Jake in pretty convincing fashion, John Fury wants the social media star to hand over his purse, which could be as high as $30 million.

"What I'm going to ask you to do is honor and step up to the plate and pay your bill. We had a gentleman's agreement in front of millions of people worldwide, we shook hands on national world television in the great country of Saudi. And please do not come out with all the contract bullsh*t, mate. I can hardly read and write," John Fury said when explaining how he wants Jake Paul to pay up.

You can watch his pair of videos demanding Jake Paul pay his "bill" below.

Will Jake Paul write the check?

It seems very unlikely Jake Paul hands Tommy Fury a check for $30 million, if that's truly what he earned.

There's one simple reason why. Paul claims Tommy Fury never signed an agreement to make it an all or nothing fight.

Despite shaking on it in front of the world, Jake Paul will almost certainly hide behind the fact there's no contract.

If anything, this new feud between Paul and Tommy Fury's dad John is just going to be used to hype a rematch.

We all know boxing is about the drama. The social media star refusing to pay up on a $30 million bet is a great storyline.

The good news for Tommy Fury is that he walked away with a win and a nice payout. Even if Jake Paul never pays him another dime, which seems like the likely outcome, he still reportedly made right around $4 million. That's a lot of cash for a guy to piece up a YouTuber. Now, fans sit and wait to see when a rematch will happen. Given how much interest the first fight generated and the fact Paul lost, it seems like a certainty.

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