Tom Brady Begs Rob Gronkowski To Play Against Dallas Cowboys, And Gronk Doesn't Say No

Tom Brady hit ex-teammate Rob Gronkowski with a Hail Mary on Monday, asking his former teammate if he'll be willing to suit up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Dallas Cowboys game hours before the NFC Wild-Card matchup.

Gronk, who usually swats down the return rumors, hit TB12 with a surprising answer ...


Gronkowski appeared on the Let's Go! podcast (featuring Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray) to discuss the QB's upcoming matchup against Dallas and then got hit with a final plea to un-retire as the Buccaneers still lack pass-catching targets of Gronkowski's caliber.

The 31-year-old tight end gave Tom an iffy commitment with just one requirement: no physical required.


One Last Ride

Brady proposed: "Robbie G, the game isn't until 8:15 tonight. I wonder if there's time to get you down here for a physical and to be ready to go tonight. What do you think?"

Gronk responded, "Well, that was a great introduction, Tom. Thank you. And if I come down there and I'm ready to play tonight, I'm going to skip the physical. First off, I would just flex.

"I'll walk in the room and I'll be like, 'do you like those guns ?' And they'll be like, Yes, I do ... pass physical, just checkmark, I'm good to go."

Gronkowski also shared that he's not far from football shape and could run a couple of routes if need be.

"I've been running a little bit. Nothing crazy. I haven't ran any football routes at all. I haven't caught a football. How many plays do you think you could get out of me tonight if I just showed up, and put the pads on?"

Brady gave Gronk a hypothetical 10-20 snap window in the red zone since THE GRONK is no stranger to scoring.

"I think I could do that as well. I think I could pull it off," Gronkowski responded.

Tom Brady could be playing in the final game of his career Monday night.

If Brady advances to the Divisional Round against the San Francisco 49ers and gives Gronk a five-day notice rather than a day-of alert, perhaps a reunion could ultimately transpire between the two.