TJ Watt Addresses Viral Video Of Him Falling Into Pool, Jokes A 'Lesser Athlete' Would Have Been Injured

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker TJ Watt recently took an unfortunate spill into his pool, but thanks to his elite athleticism he walked away unscathed. At least physically he wasn't injured, although his self-esteem may have taken a bit of a hit.

Watt shared the now-viral video on Twitter showing him cleaning his pool. While all was going right for the big man for the first few seconds, he lost his footing and took what looked to be a pretty scary spill into the drink.

The most underrated funny part of the video is his dog not seeming to care about their owner falling into the pool, they didn't even get up on all fours after watching him somehow slip.

In all seriousness, the spill looked pretty wicked. Watt could have hit his head on the wall of the pool or messed up his leg with the awkward tumble, but he was able to laugh off the whole thing.

After participating in OTAs on Thursday, Watt's dip into the pool was a topic of conversation. The 28-year-old said someone who doesn't have NFL-type athleticism would have probably been hurt.

"I don’t know how I missed the step but I did and a lesser athlete would’ve got hurt," Watt said with a laugh. 

He also had an explanation for the dog's lack of effort.

"I was very calm. I’m happy about myself being calm. The dog didn’t react how I wanted him to, but that’s because I yelled at him two minutes before that because he was digging into some mud so that’s the background of that story."

Talk about a sigh of relief for Steelers fans. Losing TJ Watt for a period of time due to a pool-related injury would have been a nasty blow heading into the summer.

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