The Heisman Race Is Down To Two Players In The Betting Odds

Oddsmakers believe the Heisman race is officially a two-man race.

As of Monday morning on DraftKings, Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud is a slight favorite at -120 to win the prestigious award and USC passer Caleb Williams is second at +120.

Blake Corum is a distant third at +1500, and nobody else is close.

Will it be C.J. Stroud or Caleb Williams for the Heisman?

At this point, it seems incredibly unlikely anyone other than Stroud or Williams takes home the trophy. The race is between the two of them and then everyone else is fighting for third.

Now, who should win it? Ohio State is 11-0, USC is 10-1 and both teams are still in the playoff race. With a win Saturday against Michigan, OSU is 100% in. If USC wins out, they also have a very good shot. So from a success standpoint, it's close with a slight edge to Stroud.

Let's now break down some stats:

Williams has more total yards of offense and several more touchdowns. However, it's not really a super fair comparison.

Of Ohio State's 11 games, seven of them have been blowouts, and when you're up big, you get conservative.

Meanwhile, USC has only had a few true lopsided games, which means Williams is leaned on much more to do stuff down the stretch. So, going purely off stats is a little disingenuous.

Who should win the trophy?

Given the fact OSU is undefeated, you have to go with C.J. Stroud right now. If he beats Michigan this weekend, then it's truly going to be lights out.

There's no situation where I don't see him walking away with the trophy in New York if Michigan closes out the regular season 12-0. That loss to USC is going to dog Williams.

Let us know in the comments who you think should win the Heisman and let's gear up for the final weekend of regular season action.