Texas Tech Hit With Substantial Fine After Beating Texas

Texas Tech has been slapped with a big fine after fans stormed the field Saturday.

The Red Raiders upset the Texas Longhorns at home, and students and fans flooded the field to celebrate the victory.

Now, the party on the field will cost the program $50,000, according to an announcement from the Big 12.

"We have a duty to provide a safe game environment. The Texas Tech Department of Athletics has a written event management policy that, while well thought out, was unsuccessful in ensuring the safety and security of all visiting team student-athletes, officials, coaches and staff. There is zero tolerance for any act that compromises the safety of game participants, and it is of utmost importance that home game management provide adequate security measures for our student-athletes, coaches, game officials and spectators," Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark explained in a Monday afternoon statement.

Carnage unfolded on the field after Texas Tech beat the Longhorns.

All hell broke loose Saturday in Lubbock following the Red Raiders earning the win to improve to 3-1. Fans didn't just storm the field, but there was at least one major issue.

A Texas Tech fan was caught on video lighting up a Texas player from behind. It was appalling behavior from the fan.

Having said that, these fines never stop anyone from doing it again. Is it a lot of money? Sure, but think about all the free attention the Red Raiders have received over the past few days.

It's definitely worth a hell of a lot more than $50,000. It's just a matter of people acting like idiots once they're on the field.

Have your fun, but don't do stupid stuff like pushing unsuspecting players. That shouldn't even need to be said, but here we are.

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