Texas Tech Fan Gets Physical With A Texas Player While Storming The Field

A Texas Tech fan pulled a disgraceful move Saturday after the Red Raiders upset Texas.

Joey McGuire's team upset the Longhorns at home 37-34, and fans stormed the field for what will likely be the final home victory over Texas before the team jumps to the SEC.

However, one fan decided to take things a shade too far, and aggressively shoved a Texas player in the back as he stormed the field.

No excuse for this kind of behavior from the Texas Tech fan.

I was against storming the field to begin with because Texas was only ranked 22nd and was playing with a backup QB.

Beating a team barely in the top 25 with a backup QB isn't a huge accomplishment, even if it's a rivalry game. Storming the field should be reserved for upsetting top teams and winning conference titles.

You know what everyone should also be against? Hitting a rival player while storming the field. It's 100% unacceptable, and it puts a stain on Texas Tech's awesome day.

The Red Raiders won the game against a bitter rival. It should have been a day of nothing but ice cold beers the rest of the way.

However, this idiot decided to throw a massive cheap shot while storming the field. It really doesn't get much more pathetic.

That Texas player would have had every right in the world to react in an aggressive manner after taking a shot to the back.

I'm all for students having fun, but at some point, you have to draw a line in the sand. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This guy should consider himself very lucky he didn't get lit up in response to his bonehead decision.

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