Texas Fans Unleash Vulgar Chant At Nick Saban

Texas fans are fired up to play Alabama, and they didn't waste any time before cranking things up against Nick Saban.

Ahead of the noon EST matchup in Austin, fans of the Longhorns chanted "F**k Nick Saban" as the legendary coach and seven-time national champion took the field.

First off, it's great to see Texas fans fired up and filled with so much passion. As anyone paying attention can see, the energy is off the charts right now in Austin.

It's a party, the fans are fired up, the air is absolutely buzzing and Texas fans have convinced themselves they have a chance today.

It's awesome for college football fans to see.

That leads to point number two. You know a great way to make sure Saban keeps his boot on your neck the entire game?

Chanting "F**k Nick Saban" as he enters the field. Poking a rattlesnake or punching a grizzly bear is a great way to end up in serious trouble.

Nick Saban has seven rings, and isn't known for taking it easy on teams, even when he's in a great mood. What do you think he's going to do to Texas now that fans have seemingly chosen to make it a bit personal?

The answer is he's likely going to light the Longhorns up like a Christmas tree.

Buckle up because after this chant, it could get ugly from the jump. Expect absolutely no mercy from Saban and company.