Texas Basketball Coach Chris Beard Is Once Again Drinking Beer

Last season, UT basketball coach Chris Beard had each of his players and coaches make a sacrifice during the 2021-22 season. The bench boss decided to give up ice-cold brewskis.

As for this year? The suds are very much back in the equation.

Beard's decision to give up beer was part of the "team sacrifice" that he started implementing back when he was coaching Texas Tech.

That was a big decision. Beard is on record espousing his affinity for beer.

Last year, Beard's sacrifice (others made sacrifices, but let's face it, he suffered the most) helped the Longhorns to a 22-12 record good for fouth in the Big 12. They were then bounced out of the NCAA Tournament in the Round of 32 by Purdue.

There's room to improve and obviously, those shortcomings were not solved by giving up beer. It was worth a shot, but now Beard has on record, that giving up beer did not solve the puzzle for the Longhorns.

The only thing he can do now is going back to tipping back a Lone Start or two (because Texas) for the good of his team.

It's really the only option they have left.

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