TCU Ruthlessly Trolls Texas After Upset Win

TCU beat Texas on and off the field Saturday.

The Horned Frogs entered the game against Texas as a significant underdog, despite being the number four team in the playoff rankings.

Even though the Horned Frogs weren't the favorite to win, Max Duggan and company took care of business and ended the night with a 17-10 win.

After the game, TCU decided to bury the knife even deeper into Texas. The Horned Frogs tweeted a video of different animals and characters with their horns down, and it's one of the most ruthless trolls we've seen all season long.

TCU keeps rolling after beating Texas.

You know a program is feeling itself when it drops a troll job like this following arguably the biggest win of the year.

Everyone knows nothing triggers Texas fans like getting hit with the horns down sign. It sends people over the edge. Why does that trigger people so much? We might never know, but it's just reality.

Not only did TCU upset Texas to improve to 10-0, but the Horned Frogs hopped on social media and decapitated the Longhorns.

You can go ahead and inject this chaos straight into the souls of college football fans everywhere. This is the kind of drama and chaos fans live for.

If this is the kind of attitude TCU is carrying forward, the college football world might be in trouble. The Horned Frogs are undefeated, control their own fate and are notching massive wins on and off the field. What a time to be alive for TCU fans.