'Stupid Sunglasses': Shane Beamer Ruthlessly Trolls Mark Stoops After Beating Kentucky

Shane Beamer couldn't help himself from taking a shot at Mark Stoops after beating Kentucky.

The South Gamecocks surprised Kentucky and the college football world by beating the Wildcats to 24-14, and Beamer didn't forget Stoops' comments from back in August.

Before the season started, Stoops appeared to mock a Beamer's sunglasses video when he told the SEC Network, "It’s easy to change a climate. You know, you just change a uniform, talk a little game, dance around, put on some stupid sunglasses and you can change a climate, but to change a culture, it’s at the core."

Well, that comment was fresh on Beamer's mind Saturday as he addressed his team following the massive win to improve to 4-2.

"At SEC Media days, he talked about stupid sunglasses and dancing," Beamer said right before he whipped out a pair of shades, flipped his hat backwards and started dancing.

Enjoy the epic troll and response to Stoops below.

Shane Beamer and the Gamecocks get their revenge.

Clearly, Beamer has been waiting months to get back at Stoops. There's no doubt at all he'd been planning this the whole time.

Shane Beamer knew if South Carolina won the game, the glasses were coming out and he was going to bust some moves.

Stoops' comment was stupid at the time. It was completely unnecessary, and when you make comments like this, you just set yourself up for failure.

Then, his team took the field and lost by double digits to the Gamecocks. If you're going to talk a big game, you better back it up.

If you don't, you're going to get clowned. That's exactly what happened here with Shane Beamer and the Gamecocks. Karma sure can be a nasty thing. Hopefully, Stoops learned his lesson and takes fewer shots in the future at SEC opponents.