Stetson Bennett Set To Make Over $1 Million In NIL Money

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett is on his way to bringing in seven figures worth of NIL dollars.

The reigning national champion (whose name is perfect for the evil country club owner in an '80s movie) has a growing endorsement roster.

Bennett has deals with big companies like Fanatics, Georgia Power, Synovus Bank, and AARP.

Because who better to shill for AARP than a guy in his early 20s?

The senior quarterback is also getting the chance to flex his acting muscles. He appeared in a commercial for an Athens area apartment complex where he played a mailman.

That is what James Lipton used to call acting.

Cool to see Bennett is putting in the work for NIL money and seemingly having a good time doing it.

According to On3NIL, Bennett saw a massive jump in his NIL earnings thanks to Georgia's dominating Week 1 victory over Oregon. They report that he brought in an additional $238,000, bringing his total to $937,000.

Bennett has some great deals in place, but he is missing out on one massive opportunity. One that would easily help cross that $1 million threshold.

Stetson Bennet not having an NIL deal with hat company Stetson is criminal. Now that DeColdest Crawford has his HVAC spot under his belt, this is the most obvious endorsement opportunity that hasn't happened.

Sure, Stetson hats may not exactly be "in" at the moment, but do you know who could bring them back into style? Stetson Bennett IV, that's who.

Pay him to roll up to games in a Stetson lid and before you know it, every Georgia fan will be buying 10-Gallon hats like its Dodge City in the 1880s.

With or without the folks at Stetson on board, Bennet is sure to cross into seven figures pretty soon. The Bulldogs look primed for another strong, potentially playoff-worthy season and that'll mean more cash for Bennett.

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