Stephen A. Smith Didn't Agree With Shannon Sharpe Bailing On Skip Bayless After His Damar Hamlin Tweet

Everyone seemed to have an opinion about Shannon Sharpe ghosting Skip Bayless on 'Undisputed' the morning after his co-host sent a questionable tweet just moments after the Damar Hamlin incident. Either you agreed with Sharpe no-showing on Bayless or you didn't - there was no middle ground - and Stephen A. Smith is among the latter crowd.

Bayless' tweet that sent Sharpe and millions of other Americans over the edge questioned how the NFL could postpone the Bills-Bengals game after Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field.

Plenty of NFL fans and media members alike were asking the same question, but not out loud on Twitter just minutes after Hamlin was rushed to the hospital.

Sharpe was so upset about Bayless' tweet that he decided to skip out on work the next morning, which Smith wholeheartedly disagrees with.

“That’s your chair. You don’t give it up for nobody,” Smith told Draymond Green on his podcast. “That’s yours. I don’t give a damn if you were in the chair and had nothing to say and you just wanted Skip to talk. You don’t miss sitting in that chair.

"There's an audience out there that expected to see you. But I understood him, like every single NFL player present and former that I’ve spoken to, heart was in the right place, going through a lot.”


Smith's main issue doesn't seem to be with Bayless or his tweet, but with Sharpe simply not showing up to his job. He knows what it's like to sit across from Bayless, he did so five days a week for years, but no-showing only added fuel to the fire in Smith's opinion.

"What I would encourage Shannon, Kenny Smith, Shaq, Barkley, or anybody else. We fought for centuries to have our voice. You got it. You don’t give it up. That’s my point," Smith said.

Sharpe showed up on set on Wednesday and asked Bayless to remove his tweet about Hamlin, to which Bayless refused to do so leading to an incredibly awkward exchange.

Tempers between the two have cooled off over the past week and a half, but they'll surely flair back up again sooner rather than later.

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