Steph Curry Shares Why He Was Open To Bringing Kevin Durant Back To Warriors

When Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets earlier this offseason, every rumor known to man was spun. One of the most talked about rumors and ideas was Durant taking his talents back to Golden State for a reunion with the Warriors. While most NBA fans scoffed at the idea, it sounds like Steph Curry was all about it. Curry recently sat down with Rolling Stone and was asked about all the drama surrounding Durant this offseason. He admitted that there were internal conversations within the Warriors organization about possibly trading for KD.


While Durant has been labeled as a ring chaser and someone who runs away from less-than-ideal situations, Curry understands him.  He is more than willing to bring him back to Golden State.

Steph Curry Wouldn't Have Minded A Kevin Durant - Warriors Reunion

“There was a conversation internally amongst us about, ‘If he was available, would you?’” Curry said. “Every team has those conversations, and obviously in our situation, they’re gonna call me and ask me, ‘How do you feel about it?’ I was never hesitant. The idea of playing with KD and knowing who he is as a person, from our history in those three years, I think KD’s a really good dude. I think he is misunderstood. I think he has had certain things happen in his life that hurt his ability to trust people around him, in a sense of making him feel safe at all times. “So all of those things, I understand, having played with him and gotten to know him. I love that dude,” Curry noted. “And if you said, ‘Oh, KD’s coming back and we’re gonna play with him,’ I had so much fun playing with him those three years, I’d be like, ‘Hell yeah!’” You certainly can't blame Curry for wanting to play with KD again. Not only is Durant an all-time great, but he and Curry had tremendous success together in Golden State. Ultimately, Durant rescinded his trade request from Brooklyn and is set to suit up for the Nets again this season.

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