Star Kansas QB Appears To Suffer Significant Injury

Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels appeared to suffer a significant injury against TCU.

Right before halftime, Daniels got crushed while running, and appeared to land awkwardly on his shoulder.

He was in clear pain on the ground as medical staff attended to him.

After Jalon Daniels was finally able to get up, he was taken by the staff to the locker room. It's unclear at this time what exactly he might have hurt, but judging from the way he landed, it definitely appeared to be his shoulder.

It was announced in the 2nd half that Daniels day was officially over. Hopefully, Daniels is fine and this is nothing more than a situation where he has a bad bruise or the wind was knocked out of him.

He's one of the best quarterbacks in America and the backbone of the offense for the Jayhawks. He's the main reason the squad is currently 5-0.

So far this season, Daniels has 983 passing yards and 11 touchdowns through the air. He also has five rushing touchdowns and 329 rushing yards. Let's hope he's back on the field and this was nothing more than an unfortunate scare.

If it's more significant than that, the Jayhawks could be in serious trouble.

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