Spanish Goalkeeper Gets Revenge After Sucker Punch From Crazy Fan

Another brawl on the pitch initiated by a rabid fan broke out Thursday in the Europa League.

During a home game for PSV Eindhoven, a fan at PSV Stadium ran onto the pitch and struck Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrović. The fan landed a punch to Dmitrović's face, but the goalkeeper managed to stay upright and wrestle down the fiery fanatic.


The Spanish goalkeeper tangled with his attacker for a bit until a crowd of PSV and Sevilla players separated the two. He was allowed to play in the match afterward.

Dmitrović won the skirmish, but Sevilla lost the contest, 2-0, against PSV. The Spanish goalkeeper had been starting in place of Yassine Bounou, according to the Associated Press.

It's the second time in over a week that a player was targeted by a fan and eventually physically assaulted.

On Feb. 13, a Colombian soccer fan attacked Millonarios F.C. midfielder Daniel Cataño during warm-ups. Cataño chased his attacker down and was ruled out of the game by the presiding referee. The game was eventually canceled after Cataño's team refused to play without their midfielder. During the scene, Millonarios captain David Silva spoke out on safety issues concerning players and team personnel.

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