Colombian Soccer Fan Attacks Player On Field, Gets Chased Down And Pummeled

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If you’re slower than an NFL offensive lineman, it’s probably best not to run on a pitch and target a soccer player with physical violence. Otherwise, the hunter may become the hunted.

One Colombian soccer fan had life come at him real quick on Sunday after running onto the pitch during warm-ups, ahead of a contest between Millonarios F.C. and Deportes Tolima, and attacking Millonarios midfielder Daniel Cataño.

The incident occurred as fans mocked Cataño during his pre-game routine. Shouting “maricon” — a Spanish term for “coward” — at Cataño, the Tolima fans pestered the 31-year-old player, likely due to his past tenure (2018-2022) as a Tolima player.

As the chants grew louder, one plump Tolima fan ran onto the field, out of the player’s sight, and struck Cataño in the back of the head. He scurried back to the stands hoping to reach safety but was chased down by Cataño, and the soccer player got his revenge.


After Cataño shoved the fan to the ground, a security unit carrying protective shields picked him up and escorted him out of Estadio El Campín in Bogota, Colombia.

Unfortunately for Cataño, the match’s referee booted him from the contest after attacking the fan.

Millonarios’ captain David Silva protested the decision to eject Cataño from the match and the game was ultimately canceled. Silva tried reasoning with the referee over the lack of security for the players’ security.

“Safety of the coaching staff and players, is above anything else,” Silva told the ref. “We have to set a precedent so that we educate ourselves as a society. We have to take care of each other.”

In the end, the chubby chaser ruined the fun for everyone.

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