Some Moron Picked A Fight With Terrell Owens Outside Of A CVS And It Ended Poorly

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens showed he still has it. And by "it" I mean the ability to drop a dude outside a CVS.

According to TMZ, TO ran to a CVS in Inglewood, California, where he struck up a conversation with a 49ers fan.

That went well and no punches were thrown. However, another guy showed up and started getting into it with the Niners fan. Witnesses said that Owens was trying to smooth things over, but the second due decided to take a swing at him.

Then Owens squared up like a pro boxer and eventually landed a knockout punch.

Hm. TJ Houshmandzadeh might be right. TO does look like he could still play.

At the very least, he can throw some punches.

The Guy Who Got KOd by TO Made A Lot Of Mistakes

The guy on the receiving end of a knockout blow from Terrell Owens made so many mistakes, the biggest of which was picking the fight in the first place.

If you're going to fight an NFL player — even a retired one — you have thousands to choose from. How about not picking the guy who was famous for doing crunches in his driveway? There's a good chance that dude is still in decent shape.

If you have to fight a former NFLer maybe start with a placekicker and work your way up.

Like I said, that's if you have to do it. Maybe just to get it out of your system.

His second mistake came once the fight started. It looks to me like he removed his shirt. You don't do that in a street fight unless you are positive you're going to win.

When a tough guy who knows how to fight does it, it's intimidating. If you're just seconds before eating pavement, you look like an ass.

Once that dude ate a punch from the Pro Football Hall of Famer, he was more than happy to be on his way.

Police weren't called to the scene, and once he had dispatched his opponent, Owens hopped in his car and went home with whatever he needed to buy from that CVS (from my experience a late-night run like that is usually for a 9-volt battery to chuck in a chirping smoke alarm, but who knows?).

As for that guy who picked the fight, he can no longer walk into that CVS without everyone asking "Hey, aren't you the guy who got knocked out by Terrell Owens?"

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