Snow Storm Provides Majestic Scene For MAC Game

Western Michigan and Central Michigan put on a show in the snow Wednesday.

The two MAC teams took the field in Mount Pleasant, Michigan as snow absolutely hammered the area.

As you'd expect, the scene was absolutely majestic as the Broncos fought for a tough 12-10 win.

There are few things in life that get the blood pumping more than a football game played in heavy snow.

If you don't understand why, you're simply not a true football fan. There's nothing that says football weather better in the midwest than a field covered in snow.

Seriously, look at the field. It's beautiful.

As an OutKick teammate said, we're all idiots for not putting the mortgage on the under in the game, which was 45.

There was no way anyone was scoring many points as they had to run though what probably seemed like mountains of snow.

Again, it's simply a beautiful sight to behold.

There are a few sporting events athletes will always remember. It might be a championship, it might be a heartbreaking loss or it might be a game played in crazy weather conditions.

We know which category this game falls into. It's the kind of game that will be remembered for decades to come, and with every re-telling, there will probably be a little extra snow on the field.

That's just how men tell stories as they age. It's true and we all know it.

Props to mother nature for giving fans an absolutely legendary snow game in the MAC. This is the kind of stuff we simply can't get enough of as football fans.