Skip Bayless: White NFL Owners Avoid Hiring Black Coaches So They Don't Have To Interact With Them And Their Wives At Dinner

Skip Bayless has figured it out, he knows why there aren't more black coaches in the NFL and why Eric Bieniemy has been stuck as the offensive coordinator in Kansas City all these years.

While you may have thought black coaches not being hired had something to do with qualifications, Bayless thinks it has everything to do with white team owners trying to get out of dinner reservations with coaches and their wives.

This is some big brain stuff from Mr. Bayless.

Bieniemy, just like the last handful of offseasons, has been floated as the perfect candidate to take over as a head coach of every team with a vacancy. Now, after teams have passed him over, the media is back on its 'the NFL is racist' bandwagon. The focus only intensifies about the color of his skin as opposed to his qualifications or troubled history.


During the latest episode of 'Undisputed,' Bayless brought up an op-ed written by the hateful Nancy Armour titled 'NFL Owners Don't Want Black And Brown Men As Their Head Coaches.'

Skip Bayless Alleges White NFL Owners Are Racist

After saying he's been saying the same thing "on national TV" for the last decade-plus, he offered up his dinner avoidance theory.

“I’m going to boil it down to: These older white owners just aren’t that comfortable with a black head coach because they need to interact, they need to go to dinner with the wives or the significants, or whatever, and they’re just not that comfortable," Bayless said, according to Mediaite.

The Houston Texans hired Demeco Ryans this last head coaching cycle, but one black coach being hired when there was five vacancies isn't good enough, according to Bayless.

"It’s just getting worse and worse,” Bayless said. “We just had another hiring cycle, and we got one black head coach out of it. Out of the five that have been hired, it's not right.”

At least Bayless' take is different than his former co-worker's. Stephen A. Smith blames Andy Reid for Bieniemy not being a head coach in the league.

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