Stephen A. Blames Andy Reid For Eric Bieniemy Not Being A Head Coach

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I hopped onto to see what the Worldwide Leader is up to on the Wednesday after the football season. First mistake, I know. But I saw a video titled “Stephen A.: Andy Reid is costing Eric Bieniemy a head-coaching job.”

Ok, you got me. I’ll watch.

What I ended up witnessing was one of the most bizarre takes I have ever heard. Most people just blame racism when it comes to Eric Bieniemy. Tried and true, the race card always plays.

I’ll give Stephen A. some credit for pivoting off that into another realm. But the one he chose is flat-out strange.

“Andy Reid has cost Eric Bieniemy a head coaching job in the National Football League,” Smith bluntly proclaims.

Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy can't get a head coaching job because Andy Reid is too good at his job, says Stephen A. Smith.
Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy can’t get a head coaching job because Andy Reid is too good at his job, says Stephen A. Smith. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

“Even though you’re the head, you don’t have to call plays, you chose to,” Smith continues. “Andy Reid not only called some plays, he made sure we knew he called plays. The NFL community knew he called plays.

“There’s plenty of head coaches in the league that have offensive coordinators who call plays.”

Please watch the full video before continuing because I have some thoughts.

Where to begin with Stephen A. Smith’s scorching hot Andy Reid-Eric Bieniemy take

Do you need a moment to digest that? It’s OK. I certainly did.

A few things here. First, Stephen A. seems to suggest that Andy Reid, who just won his second Super Bowl in four years, should let Eric Bieniemy call plays. The system that seems to be working perfectly fine should be up-ended so that Eric Bieniemy can get more credit.

That’s certainly … a take.

Second, the idea is that Reid should give Bieniemy more responsibility so that he can … leave and go to another team? Breaking news: the best teams have continuity. Having the same head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterback is certainly part of the Chiefs’ success.

But, according to Stephen A., Andy Reid has a duty to help Bieniemy get a job somewhere else? He should think more about Bieniemy than the rest of the team? That’s arguably one of the most ridiculous things Stephen A. Smith has ever said.

And that’s saying something.

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  1. He has a point. As a bears fan Matt Nagy got the job because of that kc offense and them drafting a young qb. Matt Nagy was brutal at calling plays. God awful. Why hire an offensive coordinator that doesn’t call plays and has no head coach experience? Bienemy has other baggage as well. Just saying.

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