Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Competition Remains 'Wide Open'

Months after it began, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback competition remains "wide open," according to coach Pete Carroll. On Tuesday, Carroll insisted that he's not yet close to naming a starter. Both Geno Smith and Drew Lock will attempt to make Carroll's decision easier come Friday. That's when the Seahawks visit Dallas for their preseason finale. "I'm wide open for whatever happens," Carroll said ahead of yesterday's practice. "We'll just see what happens. There's two more weeks of practice, too, after this. I had a set thought on what we would do with the timeline but that got disrupted, so we're going to use all the time we need."

Smith seems to have the upper hand over Lock in the Seahawks' quarterback competition. He's entering his fourth season with Seattle and started three games last season. On the other hand, Lock is new to the Seahawks, having been acquired in March as part of the Russell Wilson trade. Additionally, Lock recently missed time with Covid.

Season Opener Is Just Over Two Weeks Away

"I'm not closing the book on anybody competing for their spots," said Carroll. "We have two enormous weeks coming up: The finish of this one, next week is a huge week for us and then we come back with another full week and an extra day. So we've got a lot of time here to work it out." Carroll would not say who he plans to start in Friday's game with the Cowboys. "I want to let the guys battle and let them show where they are and let us get as much information as possible," Carroll told media members. "Geno's done a really good job of being in that position. His voice is solid. He's on point all the time. He's been very consistent with his work all of that, and Drew has been really sharp."

Maybe Two Is Better Than One

Having both Smith and Lock playing well is a good problem to have, at least according to Carroll. "I know it's not supposed to be a good situation when you have two quarterbacks. It means you don't have one, is the old saying," said Carroll. "I don't know that. We might have two ones. We'll see what happens." Friday's kickoff is scheduled for 8:00 pm EST from Dallas.  

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