Sean Payton Indicates He's Leaning Towards Staying On TV Over Taking An NFL Job

Sean Payton might not be overly interested in returning to the NFL next season.

There's been serious speculation about Payton's future with multiple notable openings in the NFL, and the former Saints coach already revealed he's talked to the Broncos. A formal interview is expected at some point in the near future.

However, he might not be eager to jump back into coaching.

This past Sunday on the Fox broadcast, Michael Strahan asked Payton on a scale of 1-10 what the chances were he'd just stay on TV with the network.

"Seven," the Super Bowl champion coach responded without hesitation.

Will Sean Payton return?

Other than maybe Jim Harbaugh, Sean Payton's name is by far and away the name fans are hearing the most about right now.

He's tied to the Broncos and there could definitely be some other openings that draw his interest. If he does return, the Saints will be owed compensation because he's still technically under contract.

However, it seems like it's far from a guarantee Sean Payton decides to grab his whistle and hit the sidelines again.

When Strahan asked him that question, he didn't even take a moment to think about it. He just immediately said it was a "seven" out of ten that he'd be back with Fox for next season.

Granted, things can change quickly. This is pro sports we're talking about and we all know how much money gets thrown around. Would a big enough check change his mind? Impossible to speculate right now, but for a lot of people, the mighty dollar can do a lot.

The good news for fans is a decision is likely coming sooner than later. Teams will want to be staffed up going into the draft in April. That means a decision from Sean Payton might not be too far off, if there's even one to be made at all.

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