Sean Hannity, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Discuss Incredible Moment Of Unity Following Damar Hamlin’s On-Field Scare

Football players, television audiences and sports fans are still processing the horrific incident that occurred on Monday Night Football when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after suffering a cardiac arrest.

What ensued was not only emotional distress over the 24-year-old's medical emergency — which has him in critical condition — but also a moment of unity.

Regardless of politics, race and every element that has divided people, Americans banded together to pray and hope for Hamlin's recovery in a rare moment that depicted the unifying power of sports in our nation.

Joining Sean Hannity Tuesday night to reflect on the past 24 hours since Hamlin's emergency, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith discussed the unification of Americans after Hamlin went down on the field.

"I saw people, coaches and players on both sides. I saw the best in athletes last night on that field," Hannity shared.

Stephen A. shared the powerful memory that followed Monday night's incident.

He responded:

"First of all, it's a brotherhood. The players love each other; they respect one another. They go through trials and tribulations and put their bodies and their minds through a lot of things the average citizen simply couldn't think about enduring.

"So there's a kinship that comes along with that. The coaches, the people associated with the teams, folks associated with the league that are hands-on that get to see these guys every day and do the things they do. They're eyewitnesses to this.

"Obviously, it's a fraternity — they come together as one. And that's what you saw take place last night."


Hamlin's Injury Was Bigger Than Football

Unity was also seen in the outpour of charity that followed Hamlin's injury when millions of dollars were donated to the player's Chasing M’s Foundation.

The foundation's GoFundMe page had an initial goal of $2,500 that crossed over $5.5 million in donations — from nearly 200,000 individual donors — in a day's time.


Stephen A. continued:

"It wasn't just the Buffalo Bills' medical professionals. It was also that of the Cincinnati Bengals and their medical professionals. They all came together.

And to allude to point about politics and things like that invading the sport, I'll remind you that the likelihood is that you had people on that field yesterday who didn't necessarily always agree with one another 100 percent of the time — they came together anyway.

"Because that's what we are as American citizens. We are going to do that."

Continued prayers go out to Hamlin and his family in this trying time. Stay tuned with OutKick as we update the situation involving Damar Hamlin.